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iAbogado is a leading provider of online legal services and legal information for English-speaking individuals and businesses in Spain. But it's not just that. iAbogado is also a brick-and-mortar law firm headquartered in Madrid, with more than 15 years of experience in providing comprehensive legal services in civil, criminal, family, labour and administrative matters.

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tax tax


Review your circumstances and provide full tax advice. Calculate and file the inheritance/gift tax form before the Spanish tax authorities. Apply for a different method of payment (e.g. deferred payment, on installment basis). Deal with any related administrative proceedings.

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inheritance inheritance


Discuss your family’s situation and goals with you and your spouse Give you and your spouse specific advice on Spanish inheritance law Review relevant documents Prepare a new will or review your existing will Prepare the paperwork with the Notary’s office The costs of the Notary Public’s fees is also included

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consultation consultation


Our team of licensed attorneys will help you solve any kind of legal questions and doubts. All you have to do is call 807 505 207 from any location within Spain. Attorneys are available from 10am – 7pm from Monday to Thursday, and from 10am – 15pm on Fridays (Madrid local time).

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criminal-law criminal-law

Criminal Law

Review the case and provide full advice on Spanish criminal law. Prepare and file a criminal complaint on your behalf before the Spanish Police or an Investigating Court (“Juzgado de Instrucción”). Furnish any evidence that there is reasonable cause to file such criminal complaint. Make sure that the complaint is forwarded to the criminal ..

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