Prepackaged legal services

Spainlawyer provides pre-packaged legal services listed below delivered by a Spanish Lawyer for a flat fee established beforehand.

If you need legal assistance in Spain and the service required is not included in the list of services quoted, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service who will provide you with a customized quote for the legal assistance needed.

In addition, if you only need a quick answer to some legal questions you may contact our experienced Spanish lawyers through the Internet or over the phone.

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Home Purchase or Sale (Legal Help), Home Purchase or Lease (Prepare Contract), Home Purchase or Lease (Review Contract), mortgage consultations, Tenant Eviction Service, etc.

Legal defence in drunk driving or speeding casesaccident cases, etc.

We lodge a criminal complaint on your behalf before the Spanish police or judicial authorities.

Legal assistance to submit your Spanish taxes and to obtain your Spanish NIE, that will enable you paying your taxes in Spain.

Legal help for estate planning. Legal assistance to effectively dispose of assets located in Spain on death.

Your English-speaking Spanish lawyer will examine your circumstances based on Spanish law, provide legal advice, obtain and file your application for work or residence in Spain, etc.nationality, etc.

We take care of the company incorporation process so that you can have your Spanish company up and running in 2 weeks.

Uncontested separation/divorce , alimony claimsnon-amicable divorce cases, etc. One of our lawyers will help you to file for amicable divorce or separation.

An English-speaking lawyer of our team will prepare an Employment Agreement customized for your business in Spain.

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