Amicable Separation/Divorce in Spain

Divorce and Separation law assistance Spain Lawyer


One of our lawyers will help you to file for amicable separation or divorce in Spain

This service includes:

  • Detailed study of the spouses’ personal and financial situation
  • Drafting the Power of Attorney in English and Spanish, when necessary.
  • Preparing and filing the lawsuit.
  • Initiating and following the court procedure until the end.
  • Preparing the divorce agreement draft.
  • Lawyer attendance at the judicial ratification of the agreement.

This service does NOT include:

  • Obtaining the documentation needed to file the petition for separation/divorce.
  • Cost of the power of attorney, when needed.
  • Local «Procurador» cost.
  • Notary cost.
  • Costs of any procedural incidence arising during the procedure.
  • Filing and following the appeal against final judgement.
  • Settlement of the spouses common assets. Settlement before the Spanish tax office, the Land Registry or before any public administrative body.

This Legal Service will help you to:

  • Overcome the language barrier with the help of an English-speaking Spanish lawyer.
  • Make sure that a licensed professional prepares and files your separation or divorce agreement.
  • Save time and money over traditional hourly billing.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.


If the spouses do not finally agree upon signature of governing convention, the court procedure applicable will be the non-amicable divorce process, where fees applicable should be provided by our lawyers.

In case of contested separation/divorce. Please contact us by email,, and ask for a customized quote for your case.

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