iAbogado is a law firm providing legal information and services for English-speaking individuals and businesses in Spain. We are based in Madrid, however, our team of English speaking lawyers renders services wherever and whenever required throughout Spain.

This website is owned and operated by the Spanish law firm iAbogado Servicios Jurí­dicos, SLU, founded by Javier Muñoz Pereira in 2001.

In some specific cases, legal services may be rendered in cooperation with referral lawyers by virtue of an agreement of legal cooperation between iAbogado and the external lawyer. iAbogado has an extensive national network of referral lawyers who handle legal issues throughout Spain. iAbogado will match you with lawyers who hold themselves out as practising in the legal area relevant to your circumstances. We work with some of the most experienced lawyers in Spain.

Our lawyers must act in accordance with the ethic rules and due diligence, respecting the privacy of our users and maintaining professional secrecy.

We accept two payment methods:

  • Visa, MasterCard or PayPal money. We accept PayPal, the safer, easier way to pay online.

  • For free, by charging our fees to your insurance company in certain cases.

  • Wire transfer. Show our bank account number.

  • If you choose wire transfer, please note that our services will not be provided until the amount is fully credited to our account. Any bank commissions will be at your own expenses. If your such option is not available, please include a EUR 10 extra charge to your bill amount. To shorten the process please forward the payment receipt to info@iabogado.com or to our fax no. (+34) 911881475.

If you are the holder of a home, vehicle or accidente insurance policy, you may well be entitled to a legal fees cover. This coverage allows you to hire an independent lawyer of your choice, i.e. not selected by the insurance company. In addition, any legal fees must be paid by the insurance company. This right to counsel of your own choice is laid down by Article 76 of the Spanish Insurance Contracts Act.
If you decide to hire us and you prefer that all costs are borne by your insurance company, it is important to notify such decision in due course. Contact us and we will take care of everything.

If you purchase a legal service from us, you will only talk about your case with an English-speaking attorney duly registered at the local Bar Association. The client-lawyer relationship is governed in Spain by very strict rules as regards confidentiality and quality of service. Please see our Privacy Policy.

You may cancel your purchase within 7 working days upon written notice to us through any contact method, and your payment will therefore be refundable within 15 working days (net of any bank transfer charges) provided that the service has not already been rendered.

If you’re having trouble finding answers to your questions or need to learn more about our site, our services, etc. customer service representatives are available to help. Please contact us here.

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