Legal service for arranging the estate partition and dividing the assets located in Spain after death

What is included? Your English-speaking Spanish lawyer will:

  • Review the case.
  • Provide full legal advice.
  • Identify and inventory any estate assets located in Spain.
  • Obtaining a Notary deed identifying the inheritors in case no previous will was granted.
  • Draw up the estate partition deed for distribution of assets.
  • Accompany the heirs at the time of accepting the estate distribution before a Notary.
  • Calculate and file the inheritance and gift tax forms before the relevant tax authorities.
  • Submitting the legal documents before the Spanish Land Registry for registration in the name of the heir, when necessary.

This service does NOT include:

  • Notary fees.
  • Costs of translation of documents into Spanish.
  • Land Registry fees.
  • Any taxes and fees involved.
  • Dealing with court proceedings for the partition and distribution of the estate.


Current fees will not be applicable when value of assets is minus 40,000 eur. or exceed EUR 400,000 . If the assets value is reduced or exceeds such amount please contact us and ask for a customized estimate.