Lagoa do Coelho case

What happened with the Spanish developer Nicolás Mateos who sold the dream of Lagoa do Coelho Resort in Brazil as a paradise and property hotspot? This resort included plans for 30,000 homes, a marina, golf course, sports centre, etc. all on an idyllic beach.

What happened with the plans for property development in the area? This Brazilian property development that many people were excited about collapsed. The number of investors who lost out is estimated to be more than 500 across Spain and the rest of Europe. For this case, Spanish entrepreneur Luis Nicolás Mateos spent 5 months in jail being charged with fraud in 2009. Works at the luxury resort in Brazil that he planned never even started. Certain employees and contractors hired by Grupo Nicolás Mateos were also prosecuted in the same trial together with Mr. Nicolás Mateos who was finally declared not guilty of committing any crime.

Notwithstanding, in line with criminal proceedings, the Spanish Mercantile Court in charge of the bankruptcy case of “Grupo Nicolás Mateos”, is dealing with the proceedings related to the assets of the company. If you invested in Grupo Nicolás Mateos for Lagoa do Coelho development you are entitled to the refund of your money paid to that company. You should appear before the Spanish Mercantile Court that is dealing with the bankruptcy case duly assisted by a Spanish lawyer.

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