Home Purchase or Lease (Prepare Contract)

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An English-speaking lawyer will prepare your purchase or lease agreement regarding a home or property in Spain. Your lawyer will advise you of any potential pitfalls and recommend specific changes that would benefit you.

What is included? Your lawyer will:

  • Discuss your concerns and issues with you.
  • Draft the purchase or lease agreement based on your circumstances.
  • Provide advice on next steps to take and legal formalities.
  • Catch any hidden costs or obligations
  • Understand your rights if you or the other party breaches the contract
  • Make certain that all the terms you’ve agreed to are in writing
  • Make sure hidden defects are properly disclosed

Services not included:

  • Applying for the NIE (Tax Id Number for foreigners).
  • Any notary’s or tax processing services.
  • Negotiations with the other party.
  • Representation at the closing
  • Further assistance from our lawyer after your Legal Service has been completed.

Checklist for the first interview with your lawyer (to be arranged by us):

  • Copy of any document that is relevant to draft the contract, either in electronic form or in hard copy.
  • Name and address of the other party to the contract.
  • Address of the home being bought, sold or leased.
  • A copy of the existing deed or title report for the home being purchased or sold.

This Legal Service will help you to :

  • Overcome the language barrier with the help of an English-speaking Spanish lawyer.
  • Make sure items that you think are included in the transaction, such as a furniture, are listed.
  • Make sure you know who pays the various costs.
  • Make sure the purchase or lease transaction complies with Spanish law.
  • Protect yourself if the deal falls through.
  • Save time and money over traditional hourly billing.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.


  • This Legal Service is appropriate for anyone who intend to either buy, selling or renting out an off-plan or second-hand home in Spain (whether if you are a landlord or  a tenant).
  • If there is a deadline associated with your case (for example, if you must sign the contract by any specific date), please make sure that it is at least 3 business days ahead before purchasing this Legal Service.
  • If you need us to take care of all the paperwork, we provide a comprehensive service: Home Purchase or Sale (Legal Help)
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