Tax identification number

1. The NIE identification number

Foreign individuals liable to pay taxes in Spain or who are gonna be part of an economic transaction in Spain must obtain a Spanish tax identification number named NIE.

The NIE is the Spanish tax identification number assigned to non-residents in Spain, which is required for most formal registration and administrative procedures carried out in Spain.

It enables you to pay annual taxes or purchase a property, buy a car, or open a bank account in Spain as this number identifies foreigners in Spain for tax purposes.

The NIE is applied for before some specific Spanish police offices where you will be required to submit the following documents:

  • Your original passport plus 1 copy
  • The NIE application form duly filled in and signed
  • Bank receipt of the NIE fee payment

You must inform the authorities what is the purpose of your application. It is advisable to obtain legal help to apply for your NIE number before the Spanish administrative authorities.

NIE no. may also be applied for by your Spanish solicitors, as far as you provide them with a power of representation duly granted,so you don’t have to come personally to Spain to apply for it.

You may also apply for your NIE no. before the Spanish Consulate office of your home country or at the country of your residence.

2. The CIF identification number

The corporate tax identification number (CIF) is the equivalent to the VAT number. It is always required for running a business in Spain, this becomes your company’s identification for tax purposes and is required for any legal transaction.

The CIF may be issued upon application before the Spanish Regional Tax Office (Delegación de Hacienda).

3. Getting legal help

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