Debts’ collection in Spain

Late payment of commercial debts can be a major problem for foreign companies doing business in Spain, and the consequences of any default could be quite serious. This is the main reason why it is advisable before entering into a deal with any company, to make sure to assess the risk of doing business with them.

A Spanish Lawyer may release Spanish clients’ capital that is tied up in outstanding receivables. He will contact the Spanish debtor at a reasonable and convenient way to remind him the overdue payments.

If the debtor continues refusing to pay, next step is proceeding to collect the debt channelling your claim either through civil procedures, or through criminal procedures, if the debtor is charged with commercial crimes.

Civil procedures are commonly used to resolve disputes. However, criminal procedures tend to proceed more quickly.

The pre-judgement attachment (Embargo Preventivo) is a precautionary measure, ancillary to civil procedures, which offers the possibility of securing the enforceability of the potential judgment against the debtor to pay the amount of the debt. This measure is adopted ex parte when it is believed that debtor will try to conceal or sell at a loss his assets, to the detriment of his creditors.

Getting Legal Help

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