Travel, Tourism and insurance in Spain

Minimum contents of the contract entered with the tour operator, what to do if the organizer cannot supply the conditions agreed in the contract after departure date, learn your rights before the organizer or dealer, what to do if you are denied boarding, etc.

Types of insurance, coverage amounts, what to do if the insured event occurs, learn what is the car insurance mandatory in Spain, what to look for in an insurance policy, etc.

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Legal issues with package holidays in Spain

What should I do if the organizer significantly modify some essential elements of my contract before travel departure? I have a reservation made in a Spanish travel agency, may I pass it on to another person? What if either the organizer or the dealer does not confirm your reservation? what is the adequate procedure to claim against my Spanish travel agency?

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Types of insurance in Spain

Many different scenarios require insurance policies you may or may not have carried back in your home country. Here’s a summary of the main types of mandatory and voluntary insurance policies in Spain.

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