Tenant Eviction Service and rent recovery

What is included? Your English-speaking Spanish lawyer will:

  • Review the case and provide full advice on Spanish property law.
  • Prepare and file a civil claim for eviction on your behalf before a Spanish Court.
  • Furnish any evidence and attend any court hearings.
    Claim any unpaid rents.

This Legal Service will help you to:

  • Overcome the language barrier with the help of an English-speaking Spanish lawyer.
  • Make sure than a licensed attorney prepares and files a claim for eviction and recovery of unpaid rents against your non-paying tenant.
  • Save time and money over traditional hourly billing.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.

Checklist for the first interview with your lawyer (to be arranged by us):

  • Copy of any document that is relevant for the claim, i.e. lease contract or agreement, list of unpaid rents, security deposits, etc..
  • Address of the relevant property and of the tenant.


  • This Legal Service is appropriate for landlords of Spanish properties (either a house, flat or commercial premises)  when his/her tenant has failed to pay the rent.
  • Fees not applicable when rent exceeds EUR  2000 per month. If the rent exceeds such amount please contact us and ask for a customized estimate.
  • Fees not applicable when the tenant has otherwise infringed the lease agreement.  Please contact us and ask for a customized estimate.
  • WAY OF PAYMENT: You can pay through PayPal , and you may also do it by credit card, just click on the ‘send and pay now‘ button and choose the option below «Pay with a Bank account or Credit Card«. Mobile payment Bizum is also available (+34 663 400 612).

This service does NOT include:

  • Any appeals after the court judgment is issued.
  • The costs of any notarial power of attorney, where necessary.
  • Any fees payable to the Procurador (Attorney-at-court), where necessary.

Tenant Eviction Service

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