Inheritance/Gift Tax Processing Service

Inheritance tax law assistance Spain Lawyer

What is included? Your English-speaking Spanish lawyer will:

  • Review your circumstances and provide full tax advice.
  • Calculate and file the inheritance/gift tax form before the Spanish tax authorities.
  • Apply for a different method of payment (e.g. deferred payment, on installment basis).
  • Deal with any related administrative proceedings related to the payment of the tax.

This service does NOT include:

  • The tax amount payable by you.
  • Obtaining the documentation to be filed together with the tax form.
  • Filing any administrative or judiciary appeal.

This Legal Service will help you to:

  • Overcome the language barrier with the help of an English-speaking Spanish lawyer.
  • Make sure your Inheritance/Gift Tax is properly calculated and paid for.
  • Save time and money over traditional hourly billing.
  • Enjoy peace of mind.


  • Current fees will not be applicable when value of estate exceeds EUR 350,000, when number of heirs are more than two, or when there are more than three assets included in the planning estate. If the assets exceed such amount please contact us and ask for a customized estimate.
  • WAY OF PAYMENT: You can pay through PayPal , and you may also do it by credit card, just click on the ‘send and pay now‘ button and choose the option below «Pay with a Bank account or Credit Card«. Mobile payment Bizum is also available (+34 663 400 612).
  • If you have any question regarding this service, please feel free to contact us.
  • Precio: 450,00 €
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