Consultation Services

Consultation services Spain Lawyer

Our team of licensed attorneys will help you solve any kind of legal questions and doubts. All you have to do is call 807 505 207 from any location within Spain. Attorneys are available from 10am – 7pm from Monday to Thursday, and from 10am – 15pm on Fridays (Madrid local time).

Max. cost per minute: €1,18 from fixed phones and €1,53 from mobile phones. Only calls originating from Spain. If you wish to call from outside Spain, please use any of the services listed below.

Over the Telephone (fixed fee)

If you wish to limit the cost of your consultation, you can purchase a 1/2 hour phone consultation for a fixed price.

At his/her Office

Meet face-to-face with an attorney. We will fix an appointment for you within 48 hours, with a lawyer near you throughout Spain.

Via E-mail

Receive a detailed report about your legal question. We will answer within 48 hours, and you will be entitled to 2 follow-up clarifications.

Via Instant Messaging
Conduct a one-to-one private chat with one of our English-speaking attorneys. You will have a real-time conversation, up to 1/2 hour, by using Skype.


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