Marriage and Divorce in Spain

Learn how to get divorced under the Spanish law, requesting legal separation, visiting rights of children, how is alimony determined, etc.

Learn about the Spanish matrimonial property regimes, the rights of same sex relationships in Spain, legal requirements to file a petition for adoption in Spain, etc.

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Divorce in Spain

Divorce is legally established in Spain since 1981. It is possible to obtain a divorce in Spain on various grounds. Foreigners married in other countries can obtain a divorce in Spain if one of the parties is Spanish resident.

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Separation in Spain

To separate under Spanish Law, do we need a Separation Order from the Court? Do the spouses have to sort out their matrimonial property before obtaining a divorce?

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Adopting a Child in Spain

Although we are all familiar with the popular myth of the stork dropping a bundle of joy on your doorstep, however, we all know that adopting a child is not a piece of cake. Child’s adoption is adequately governed by Spanish law and international treaties.

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Getting Married in Spain

Couples married in Spain receive a libro de familia, a booklet which serves as an official record of marriage. Learn about this and other interesting facts about the Spanish legal system when it comes to getting married.

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